About Us

The foundation of Willow Wellness is relationships built on trust, respect, and integrity. Our practitioners value authenticity in their relationships with friends, family, health care providers, and clients. Willow Wellness is a group of individual practitioners who operate independently while also sharing business responsibilities, coordinating holistic care for clients, and cultivating a reputation in the community. This balance between independence and community for the sake of providing the best care to clients is reflected in the mission, vision, and values described below.


Developing authentic and consistent relationships to promote balance and holistic wellness for individuals, families, and communities.


To become a leader in providing psychological and nutritional services to people in Coastal North Carolina in a respectful and collaborative manner.


Balance: is the foundation for all of our values. It is the root of all other values.
Authentic Connections: building relationships with clients, healthcare providers, and community members based on trust, compassion, and integrity.
Disciplined Creativity: discovering one’s talents and skills and investing the time and energy needed to develop them to best serve clients and the community. Taking healthy risks by calculating strategies for continual change and growth.
Inclusive Environment: celebrating diversity and promoting equality. Cultivating a safe, healing, and secure space for all to be welcomed.

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