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Maybe all you need is a little support to start moving in the right direction. That is what Willow is all about. We want to empower you to figure out what you want and to go for it!

but maybe the life you want is possible for you.

You’re feeling overwhelmed and left behind. Your life seems to be passing you by while you’re bombarded by images of other people “living their best life.”

The life you want feels unattainable…

Emma Erickson and Scott Koenigsberg are all passionate about supporting individuals who are navigating ADHD.


Dr. Amanda D'Angelo and Scott Koenigsberg both specialize in working with couples. Amanda combines the Gottman Method with Emotion-Focused Therapy. Scott combines CBT/DBT and theatrical elements.


We know what it’s like being a helping professional and would love to provide a space for you to decompress and recharge! Preventing burnout so you can do the work you are passionate about is an area we value!

The Helping Professionals

Dr. Amanda D’Angelo and Emma Erickson provide support for individuals struggling with trauma. Both have completed training in EMDR and are working toward certification.


Lauren Hill and Kati Joyner provide support for individuals who struggle with eating disorders and their families. It’s so convenient to have both your therapist and dietitian in the same office!

Eating Disorders

therapy and nutrition services for

Depending on your situation, you will attend your intake appointment in-person or online. This is the time for you and your clinician to really get to know one another. You can start talking about what you want to change and make a plan together. Sometimes during the intake process it becomes clear that this is not a good fit. That’s OK! Your clinician will now have enough information to help you find someone that is a better fit. 

Initial Session


Your clinician will send you online intake forms to complete prior to your first appointment. This will help things run smoothly and efficiently at your intake appointment. 

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Your clinician will reach out to you directly to find an appointment time that works for both of you. 

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You can contact us via email, text, or voicemail. Let us know if you are interested in therapy or nutrition. Give us a brief idea of what your concerns are and if you have a team member in mind. We will help you get connected to the best match for you. 

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Welcome to Willow Wellness! We believe it is through healthy relationships and evidence-based care that people can improve mentally and physically. We are a group of mental health and nutrition practitioners located in beautiful Wilmington, NC. Our tagline is “Connect. Heal. Change.” We want to create a supportive atmosphere where people can feel connected to themselves and to others in order to heal and move toward the life they want for themselves. Our mission is to develop authentic and consistent relationships to promote balance and holistic wellness for individuals, families, and communities.

We are committed to celebrating human diversity and strive to create an environment that feels affirming, accessible, and safe for our clients. We welcome clients from a variety of backgrounds and worldviews. We value diversity across the different aspects of one’s identity including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual identity, sex, age, socio-economic status, religion, and ability.

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Each clinician is in network with different insurance companies so check out the clinician’s page you are interested in working with to see what insurance they take.


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The initial appointment is a time for your clinician to get to know you and to answer questions you may have. We do our best to provide a safe and comfortable environment, because we know the questions can be hard. Be sure to fill out the intake paperwork that is emailed to you prior to your first appointment to help the process go smoothly.


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Every person enters therapy at a different place, with different expectations, and with different goals. Therefore, a timeline for the process is impossible to provide. Your clinician will help guide throughout the process to determine how often you meet, if breaks are necessary, and any other questions that arise.


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