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We are an eclectic group of clinicians located on the coast of NC. Thanks to telehealth we can serve clients across all of North Carolina as long as telehealth is appropriate for their specific needs. Each clinician brings their own unique specialities, experiences, therapy modalities, and personalities into sessions. Check out each clinician’s page to learn more about each clinician and to find the best fit for you! 

We are committed to connecting clients with the best treatment available. We intentionally develop relationships with other providers in the area. If we are unable to meet your needs, we are committed to helping you find a provider that is a good fit for you. 

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get to know lauren

12+, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Depression

Lauren Hill, LCMHC

get to know emma

18+, Complex Trauma, PTSD, ADHD

Emma Erickson, LCMHC-A

get to know scott

13+, Emerging Teens, Couples, ADHD

Scott Koenigsberg, LCMHC, LPC

The Willow Wellness Team

get to know kati

10+, Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating

kati joyner, ma, rd, ldn, ceds-c

get to know amanda

18+, Sexual Trauma, Couples

amanda d'angelo, phd, lp

The Willow Wellness Founders



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